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Hi! My name is Randy, and I am writing a memoir due to be published in early to mid-2023 about my decades-long experience of trying to come to terms with who I am as a gay man.

As featured in the award-winning documentaries Pray Away and For They Know Not What They Do, my story reveals the struggle of coming to terms with being a gay man of faith. In my former career as Randy Thomas (now Scobey), I served as the last Executive Vice President of Exodus International. In this role, I contributed to several books, was featured in The Los Angeles Times, and was interviewed by worldwide media outlets as a lead spokesperson for the organization I would eventually help shut down, Exodus International.

Since embracing my life and truth, I have worked passionately against the toxic ideology that underlies conversion therapy—especially in its “pastoral” form of exgay ministry. Ultimately, my story proves that the proverbial “stained glass closet” does not match authentic love.

Today, I live with my husband, Dan, our daughter, and two fur babies in the suburbs of Orlando.

I may not know the specific questions, experiences, or beliefs you bring to this space, but I’m glad you’re here. This is a place for us to journey and communicate together.

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I am obsessed with creative communication via writing or through my paintings. I seek genuine connections with my online community. This is a place for us to thoughtfully consider where we have come from, what leads to a thriving LGBTQ+ life and displacing fear with authentic joy.

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Scribblings by an abuse survivor, former ex-gay leader, and now husband to my husband. My memoir is due to be published in 2023. It will be about living and loving as an out gay man... finally.


Randy Scobey
As featured in the award-winning documentaries "Pray Away" and "For They Know Not What They Do," Randy's story reveals the struggle to be a gay man of faith.