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A friend and I were just discussing last week the Asbury revival and I asked her if she had ever been in a spontaneous revival. She said, "Only at Exodus Conferences". I shared that I had only been in one at a church service that lasted about three hours, but I knew what she meant about the worship services at Exodus. I shared some of the most profound worship experiences of my life at those conferences. I used to tell folks that those conferences were like a spiritual B-12 shot for us. On this side of it all and knowing that it shutting down was the right thing, I have questioned why exactly it was so life changing for me. As my dear friend who was also there said, "There was both harm and healing in the same place!" I have to remind myself that yes, there were errors in some of the teachings, but also there were other general Christian teachings that were very helpful to most anyone's spiritual life. And the fellowship among us who were earnestly seeking God's will for our lives and the lives of others was genuine, though somewhat misguided. As you said, God met us there. I have had to and am still facing the harm to others that I was involved in, but I don't regret the time I spent with wonderful people like you Randy, and so many others! I still have a lot of friends who benefited greatly also! My prayer for all of us now is that we take what we've learned and truly help others in the LGBTQ+ community to walk in true freedom!

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